Concrete Pads in Surfside, FL

Gray Pavers Near Pool in Fort Lauderdale, FLWhether you desire to have a full backyard patio pool or you want individual concrete pads or steps with grass between them at your Surfside, FL home, they will last you a long time and are easy to maintain. Deco Concrete, Inc. can provide you with a range of options with concrete pads for both decoration as well as usable space for entertainment and more. From adding a concrete surround for your pool or you are adding a stable base for an outdoor kitchen, a concrete pad can withstand any weather condition throughout the year and remain an attractive addition for years to come. Contact us today to learn more and start the process of adding a concrete pad to your home.

Brick Pavers in Surfside

When concrete isn’t the material you desire and you want a more sustainable option, consider brick pavers for your outdoor project. Brick pavers are made of natural components including clay and can come in various colors and sizes, so finding the right style for your desires shouldn’t be a problem. They hold their color better than most other outdoor materials and usually last longer than poured concrete with the right maintenance.

Brick pavers provide durability and strength with their ability to handle very high loads yet are versatile enough for many different applications. They are very low maintenance and will provide decades of beauty when concrete can tend to crack and break. Brick pavers are much safer with their textured surface providing grip.


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Patio Pavers and Pool Pavers for Surfside, Florida

Your pool turned out wonderful, but what will you put around it? While you could leave it grass, most people opt for a more durable surface, and pool pavers from Deco Concrete, Inc. are a great choice. Made from natural materials, these pool pavers can be used in different shapes and sizes to make the surface look more natural. They can also easily transition into your patio pavers to make a seamless transition and provide a cohesive look for your Surfside, Florida home.

When you invest in your property with patio pavers, concrete pads, or other durable materials you will elevate your property in multiple ways. Between 1923 and 1925, the Tatum Brothers subdivided the land on what is now Surfside. Surfside is a primarily residential beachside community, with several multistory condominium buildings adjacent to Surfside Beach on the Atlantic Ocean. Contact us for more information on the different ways that brick and concrete can enhance your property.

Deco Concrete provides Stamped Concrete, Concrete Pads, Brick Pavers, Overlay Systems and more!

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