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Outdoor Living Spaces Miami

Our team members are experts in designing outdoor living spaces in Miami.

We ensure your new outdoor living area complements your home and aesthetic. In the design process, we consider the options and determine the ones that will work best for you. Our goal is to bring all the outdoor features together to create a beautiful, comfortable, cohesive living area for your family.

We provide options such as:

Outdoor Living Space Increases Family Time and Home Value

There are many benefits to adding an outdoor living space to your home for your family, or upgrading the existing one.

It can be designed to have the style and functionality of an outdoor living room. It adds valuable living space to your home, since it makes use of an area that was not used as frequently, and the outdoor patio becomes an extension of your home- a place where you will spend more time with your family. It is an airy, inviting place where you can entertain family and guests.

You can get outside, relax and connect with each other and nature. Besides increasing time spent with family, an outdoor living space adds to the look and appeal of the property. An increased home esthetic and more appeal translates to a higher home value.

Natural Stone Pavers Near Outdoor Living Space in Doral, FL
Before & After of Concrete Pads and Landscaping in Aventura, FL

Landscape Considerations

When designing your outdoor living area, there are many considerations we keep in mind. The ground surface, amount of area, use and style are all items we take into account.

We consider the landscape of the property to decide which hardscape elements, like patio pavers, walkways and pergolas, will work best. Softscapes, such as your flowers, shrubs and trees, also play a key factor in the design and bringing it all together.

Synthetic Turf

A creative element we offer is synthetic turf.

It is a good solution for problem areas, such as for sections of the yard where grass has trouble growing due to lack of sunlight. There may also be portions of the yard with poor drainage, where synthetic turf makes for a better solution than sod. It is an easy maintenance option and it has an appealing design element when added between stepping stones or pavers.

Synthetic turf is often a better solution instead of trying to coax grass to grow between the pavers.

Concrete Pads and Synthetic Turf Walkway in Doral, FL
3D Renderings of Outdoor Living Pavilion and Fireplace for Fort Lauderdale, FL

3D Renderings

We provide state of the art 3D renderings to make it easier for you to virtually envision all of the elements in your design. It is a process of creating an image using computer software, that turns flat sketches into dynamic, three-dimensional images. You can view your patio or pergola design from all angles to get a realistic view.

In a 3D view, you can see the depth and dimension of your design, along with the textures, colors, and how they all connect. It provides you peace of mind to see all the levels of detail in the design before it is built. The 3D renderings make it easier to understand the designs and to discuss any suggestions and changes.

Outdoor Flooring with Patio Pavers

For the surface in your backyard or around your pool in Miami, patio pavers are an excellent choice, and ideal for their look and durability and variety of options.

Types include:

There are many popular and effective uses for patio pavers.

The variety of uses include:
Brick Driveway Pavers in Aventura, FL

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