Stamped Concrete in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Stamped concrete is one of the decorative and functional surfaces we offer at Deco Concrete.  It is created to resemble the natural look of real stone.  With all of the options available, what are some of the reasons home and business owners select it instead of other surface options?  What are the benefits of stamped concrete? 

One of the main benefits of a stamped concrete surface by Deco Concrete is the beauty, creativity, and decorative touch it brings to your property.  It is crafted to mimic the look of other surfaces.  It can be made to resemble natural stones.  Some of the stone options are marble, slate, flagstone and brick.  If you prefer the look of wood, there are stamps that create the look of weathered lumber and natural wood slats.  There is such a large variety of looks to choose from, that you are sure to find one that suits your style.

Decorative Concrete

Once you have selected the style of stamped concrete that you want, you have additional customization options.  You get to select the specific color you like.  The color pigment is added to the concrete as part of the production process.  We custom create the concrete color to coordinate with your home or business for a look that is unique to you.

One of the reasons homeowners select stamped concrete is because they want to make the covered area look like real stone.  Using real stone has some challenges.  The logistics of transporting real, natural stone from the quarry to the fabricator, and then to your residence is quite a job.  Especially when the stones are large and heavy, making transporting them an expensive feat. 

Fort Lauderdale Stamped Concrete

When installing natural stone, there is ground excavation involved and quite a bit of leveling needed for all the individual stone slabs.  With stamped concrete, there is less ground foundation excavation needed, as the concrete is poured into the designated area.  When working with real stones, they are more challenging to handle and have to be fabricated into the shapes needed.  The concrete can be poured into a custom shape that you create.  Concrete is easier to work with, cost effective and customizable.  Deco Concrete provides stamped concrete that gives you the desired look of natural stone, without the higher price. 

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