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The popularity oftravertine pavers as a deck and finishing material has skyrocketed. The typical stone has an extensive depth and layer to any extent. Travertine pavers are especially useful for porches and pools. Travertine pavers are the best option if you want to be certain that you are getting the product that is going to last the longest and be the most reliable. 

Let us look at the advantages of using travertine pavers: 

More Affordable Than Natural Stone

Porcelain pavers that mimic the appearance of travertine can achieve the same look and finish at up to half the cost if you have a large area to cover or a limited budget. Travertine pavers are not only a cost-effective option, but you won’t have to sacrifice any functionality in the process. 

Can Be Used in Several Ways 

Travertine pavers are an excellent choice for pool decks as well as rooftop decks. Travertine pavers can be used for pool decking and coping, creating a seamless outdoor oasis that maximizes the available outdoor space and makes it appear larger. 

Real travertine pavers are durable and stain-resistant 

Because they are porous, travertine pavers will easily absorb liquids and stains. As the travertine is exposed to moisture and changes in temperature over time, this will also make it show more signs of wear and tear. Travertine pavers, on the other hand, absorb less than 0.01 percent of water.   

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