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Did you just move to a new house? Are you planning on getting your driveway installed? Then to begin with a good base for your driveway, come to Deco Concrete Inc. For the past 20 years now, we have been designing and installing textural concretes, driveway pavers, and concrete overlays.  By using state-of-art stone and concrete surfaces, we improve the look of your property be it the patio, pool deck, or even the driveway. With us, you will get the design and style of the surface as per your choice; we layout our options for you to choose from. Our team of designers is very passionate about what they do which is reflected in their service and it is this dedication of theirs’ that has helped Deco Concrete grow over the years and become the trusted choice of the people of Fort Lauderdale, Palmetto Bay, Pembroke Pines, Coral Gables, Miami – Dade, and Miami.

Below we have mentioned 3 common options for driveway pavers available at Deco Concrete. Take a look.

  • Brick Pavers

Made out of molded and baked clay, this variety lasts for decades. Tough they are one of the strongest options, over the years, it can succumb to the wear and tear of the weather and the clay brinks might start to flake and disintegrate.

  • Concrete Pavers

While bricks might be the strongest option, concrete is surely a popular choice of the people. They even have a longer life span than the brick pavers; 25 to 50 years is common. Also, these concrete slabs could be molded in the form and shapes of bricks to give a bricked path look.

  • Cobblestones

These paving materials are made from blocks of natural stones. These are the most durable option and they have been proven to last a century. Cobblestones are considered to be indestructible and hence are often used in driveways. Also, they are quite attractive.

So, if you want other options for a driveway paver, you can contact us.

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